Checklist for Tax Preparation

Checklist For Tax Preparation

NEW Filing Requirement!

We must have a picture ID for the primary taxpayer and spouse [if applicable]. It can be a state or federal issued identification.


Affordable Care Act Requirement: Form 1095-B. If you received an “exemption” then we will need a copy of that paperwork.

Personal Data

  • Social Security Numbers : For any new dependents not listed on your last year’s return we will need a copy of the social security card
  • Date of Birth: For all who will be listed on your return
  • Address: Current address if changed from your previous year’s return
  • Filing Status: Married (jointly or separately), Single, Head of Household, Qualifying Widow
  • Email: Best email address to reach you
  • Phone Number: Best number to reach you
  • Occupation: Current for both taxpayer and spouse
  • Blind: Are you or spouse are legally blind?

Employment & Income Data

  • W-2 forms
  • Unemployment compensation (Form 1099-G)
  • Miscellaneous income (Form 1099-MISC)
  • Partnership, S-Corporation, & trust income (Schedule K-1)
  • Pensions and annuities (Form 1099-R)
  • Social Security/RR1 benefits (Form RRB-1099)
  • Prizes and awards
  • State and local income tax refunds (Form 1099-G)
  • Alimony received
  • Cancelation of Debt (1099-C)
  • Severance Pay

Financial Income Data

  • Interest income statements (Form 1099-INT & 1099-OID)
  • Dividend income statements (Form 1099-DIV)
  • Proceeds from sale of residence (ONLY if Form 1099-S issued) NOTE* Will need basis information (date of purchase, purchase date, capital improvements)
  • Proceeds from stock transactions (Form 1099-B): Note* Will need basis information (date of purchase and purchase price)
  • Will need to be informed if you have any foreign bank accounts

Adjustment to Income

  • Educator Expenses
  • Reservist Expenses
  • Moving Expenses: (if > 50 miles only)
  • SEP, SIMPLE and Qualified Plan Contributions
  • Self-employed Health Insurance
  • Alimony Paid (Will need name and social security number of recipient)
  • IRA Contributions (Form 5498)
  • Student Loan Interest

Itemized Deductions

Self-employment Data:

  • Any/all Forms 1099-MISC
  • Total for any non-1099 income “constructively received”
  • Listing of business related expenses. This must be in a format that lists each expense type by category (EXCEL spreadsheet, Quicken or QuickBooks reports, etc). We do not want a box of receipts or other source documents. If we have questions we reserve the right to request them at that time. We do have an EXCEL spreadsheet already formatted you are welcome to use.
  • Home Office Items: Will need the following:
    • Square footage of office
    • Square footage of home
    • Totals for heating & air, trash removal & recycling, homeowners insurance, HOA dues, security, pest control

Rental Items

  • If first year rental is placed in service we will need the basis of the property. This is what you purchased it for and any capital improvements. We can use the closing statement and/or the county tax documentation.
  • 1099-MISC for rental income. If none issued then total rent constructively received (not including refundable deposits).
  • Expenses: mortgage interest (1098), property taxes, HOA dues, homeowners insurance, management fees, repairs, along with any other expenses.

Other Miscellaneous Items: