Payroll Services

Our payroll service is very affordable (see Fee Structure). We maintain a high degree of flexibility and guarantee accuracy. We work with you to set up the type of payroll that best suites your needs. Our goal is to make payroll as easy as possible for our clients.

  • Direct deposit at no extra charge.
  • Bonuses can be issued either as a separate bonus check or in addition to regular wages.
  • Employees who receive only commission.
  • Tip income, including cash tips and paycheck tips.
  • Other voluntary deductions - A wide range of retirement deductions including 401K, Simple 401K, 403b, Simple IRA and SARSEP.
  • Supports pre-tax or after tax medical, dental, and vision plans, flexible spending accounts, loans, and garnishments. Expense reimbursements
  • Expense reimbursements can be handles along with payroll to avoid extra check runs or individually.
  • Reporting (available upon request)
    Reports include:
    • Payroll Summary
    • Payroll Details
    • Deductions
    • Last Paycheck
    • Employee Details
    • Tax Liability
    • Taxes and Wages
    • Tax Payments
    • Total Cost Report
    • Total Pay Report
    • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Electronic Payments - Direct deposit and electronic federal tax payments are offered at no extra charge*.
    • Multi-State Available**
  • Other
    • Worker's Compensation Insurance
    • Guaranteed accurate calculations.
    • Pay as you go (Express Pay)
    • Calculations are guaranteed for all federal & state taxes.